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D3GU prides itself on designing and delivering training platforms that meet the varied needs of diverse groups of adult learners by fostering an environment based on mutual respect and the best interest of the learner. D3GU achieves this promise by:

  •  ​Maintaining open lines of communication with the learners to discover their needs;
  •  Utilizing technology to provide robust training platforms;
  •  Creating engaging and interactive training modules that appeal to adult learners;
  •  Adhering to a belief in uncompromising integrity and honesty; and,
  •  Reflecting on each training session to allow for continuous improvement.

Learning is not done in a vacuum and our proven process is centered on the most important element regarding education: Dialogue. From engagement to delivery, you have our assurance that we will listen to your concerns and strive to meet your training needs.  

  •  Discover – We do not believe in boilerplate training; therefore, we spend time getting to know your needs. Prior to every training, we administer a learning needs and resources assessment (LNRA) so we can ensure your desired goals are addressed.
  •  Design and Develop – We take the results of the LNRA and, working with our resident SMEs, craft a differentiated training program that challenges and engages the learners. 
  •  Deliver – Whether the training is delivered face-to-face or via our on-line learning platforms, we guarantee an engaging, personal approach.
  •  Deliberate – Effective training is never complete and our post-training surveys are intended to learn what follow-up items you require to ensure the training has met your needs.
Interested in seeing an example of our learning process? Please read this summary of a recent training.
D3G has an extremely knowledgeable staff available for all aspects of due diligence training. Our trainers have more than 75 years of combined experience and the ability to tailor our classes to fit your needs. Take a closer look at the following pages or contact us with your own ideas.
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