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Ohio Clarifies Radon Policy

Though not “news” to D3G, HUD ML2013-07, Multifamily Housing Radon Policy received some much needed clarification today from the Ohio Multifamily Hub by sending a link to this document issued by the Ohio Department of Health. Similar clarification should be provided by Illinois, which like Ohio, has radon testing requirements more onerous than the recently issued HUD standard. Also, New Jersey has similar regulations in the process of being enacted. In a nutshell, 3rd party consultants need to know the State regulations and are required to comply above and beyond the new HUD Radon Policy, as applicable. When in doubt use D3G, as we make sure our staff are up to date on Federal and State regulations that govern affordable housing due diligence. After all, we are here to reduce your risk – not create greater risk by skirting the regulations.

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