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Jenn Krieher Joins D3G as Housing Preservation Manager

D3G is excited to announce and welcome Jenn Krieher as Housing Preservation Manager. The Housing Preservation Services (HPS) department was recently created to support the widened scope of services that D3G provides. Jenn will be responsible for providing technical assistance for RAD and SAC Section 18 programs, as well as overseeing portfolio wide reviews for our PHA clients. She’ll manage the D3G relationship with PHA’s and their development teams, performing RAD transaction liaison and owner representative services for clients. 

“I’ve known Jenn for the past eight years and am thrilled to have her on board here at D3G. Her talent, and especially her HUD experience, will add to our unprecedented affordable housing knowledge,” said Rob Hazelton, President of D3G

Jenn joins D3G from HUD, where she was part of the innovative Office of Recapitalization, during the early days of HUD’s green programs. She brings with her a strong housing preservation background, existing relationships with key players in housing across the country and deep knowledge of RAD & SAC, having been a RAD Transaction Manager.



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