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CNA e-Tool is LIVE!

This past Friday, the last work day of the year, HUD released the long-awaited CNA e-Tool and Mortgagee Letter 2016-26.   The original fall 2014 release of a beta version was followed by much radio-silence, and the fate of the tool was unknown.  It appears now that HUD believes the tool ready for prime time – however, the instructions to the platform will not be ready until mid-January! Release a convoluted electronic tool without instructions - why would HUD do that?  It is obvious to me the pending administration change precipitated the year-end release.  It is my professional opinion that an electronic tool would be welcomed by the industry for consistency of reporting, access to portfolio wide data, and development of capital needs analytics to speed underwriting and processing.  


But that only works if the tool has a dynamic user interface (UI).  And that is where the tool may fail, because strong stakeholder involvement was not enlisted during development.  Anyone that knows anything about software development understands the importance of stakeholder involvement to achieve buy-in.  This is why I fear HUD will be using a stick and not a carrot to make all of us use the tool, despite potential limitations and bugs (mandatory use is July 1, 2017).  Which is greater reason why strong multifamily industry partners and advocates like D3G must engineer methods to streamline use of the tool.  Stay tuned...

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