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CNA E-Tool is Here

November 1st came and went. And though I’m sure most dentists couldn’t sleep the night before due to the excitement of National Brush Day (in the United States), most MAP Lender’s couldn’t sleep due to the dread of HUD Tool Day. Yep, as of Wednesday November 1st all FHA mortgage applications must be completed using the CNA e-Tool. The night before may have been Trick OR Treat, but the day after, just tricky. The mortgage industry recognized the potential detriment the unpolished software platform could have on Q4 mortgage applications; yet despite the best efforts of some of the largest industry groups, HUD followed through with mandatory submission requirements. No more beta testing. No voluntary submission. Mandatory. And for this occasion, I wrote a Haiku:

The e-tool is live

Best thing since sliced wonder bread

Or a dumpster fire?

While the tool (made in 25-year old programming language!) could never be on par with Wonder Bread, D3G’s efforts to learn the tool and study the HUD-KPMG programming has created knowledge and efficiencies we can pass on to the Lenders. These considerable efforts by D3G Staff to understand the e-Tool will mitigate the dumpster fire to a small bathroom trashcan. Jokes aside, D3G is ready for the e-Tool.  Are you?

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